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Welcome To Youth Skilling Organization Uganda

YOUTH SKILLING ORGANIZATION UGANDA is a different kind of charity working to bring prosperity to rural communities. We believe Uganda has the power to uplift itself. Working shoulder to shoulder with families, schools, volunteers, youth and farmers in Wakiso district.

It was found directly to benefit and develop each child’s full potential through transforming Education, community development, vocational skills and managing natural resources sustainably.
We help children with learning materials, advocate for thier rights, support community development projects and provide best farming, forestry techniques take root and spread so that farmers have more food to feed their families and sell. We are a registered charity in Uganda organization number NMC/CBO/202/17


Who we are

#Youth Empowering Youth

Youth Skilling Organization Uganda is a charity organization working to build a prosperous and violence free young population. We are working to transform the rural Uganda by educating the less privileged children and investing in a wide range of community development programs to ensure lasting change.
We are working to transform the rural Uganda by educating the less privileged children, investing in developing agricultural expertise using climate start ways, boosting farmer’s businesses through linking them to markets.


$18,500 Raised of $25,000 Goal

We Need Your Help

We work with different types of families of all villages. Their situations may vary, but these families face increasing economic and environmental challenges.


Our approach towards child support is focused on community development Circles and families that make up a child's growth environment. The individual sponsor-to-child relationship supports this work with sponsor funds raised to improve life in the communities where sponsored children live. Support from sponsors is what allows us remain in communities for long, building relationships with local partners and focusing on childrens' changing need as they grow up.
$2,580 to go

How Sponsorship works

It ensures that a child receives an education, clothing, nutritious food, health care, vocational training, life skills and most importantly, a place to call home.

Primary sponsorship: $150 a term or $ 450 a year.

Secondary sponsorship: $200 a term or $ 600 a year.

$560 to go

How to Sponsor a child

You can choose from the sponsorship options listed below;
You become a member of our family of sponsors and we will send you regular school reports, photos and letters from the child whom you sponsor.
Sponsorship commitments are made on Termly or annual basis and at the end of your sponsorship year you will be given the opportunity to continue to support your child as he or she continues to progresses.
$950 to go

How To Help Us

We receives funding from a variety of donors, Sources of its charitable income include: Institutional donors; such as local government, Direct marketing appeals, ethical giving and legacies and Others.

Send Donation

Donating to Youth Skilling Organization will help children, younger farmers and generally communities in Uganda to grow more and eventual live by their own initiative without dependence.You can donate to us online, over the phone or by sending a cheque or postal order in the post. To find out more about the many ways you can donate, please visit our donations section.

Become Volunteer

Get involved in one of our safe, fun and affordable programs, projects by applying and be part of something great.

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Donors friendship and encouragement also elevates, Youth Skilling Organization Uganda further in the circles of impact for children, families and communities increasing their well being. We are delighted to have your support, please spread the news further..

We Help Many People

Want to Become a Volunteer

Get involved in one of our safe, fun and affordable programs, projects by applying and be part of something great!


Our Volunteers Says

Get involved in one of our safe, fun and affordable programs, projects by applying and be part of something great!

I had conversation with Youth Skilling organization Uganda’s Communications & Advocacy Director and it was great, very informative. I met some lovely people on the course and the staff are very supporting. It is a very rewarding experience and I love giving back to those who require some support with their family especially the children.

Mr Randy Ariey

Volunteering was initially started as a church placement. I stayed because I enjoyed spending time work with families. It’s amazing how a couple of hours a week can make someone’s day, or week! This has given me a greater insight into the needs of families with young children. It has given me community experience too.

Ms. Nakirabiira Phionah

Volunteering for Youth Skilling Organization Uganda is very rewarding. Meeting different people from all walks of life; helping families on a temporary basis to give them a boost; giving something to a community. I would thoroughly recommend becoming a volunteer.

Ms. Marty Brown

My volunteering role with Youth Skilling Organization Uganda started as a volunteer placement in my programs, in order to gain working experiences with vulnerable people with the rural communities. YSOU preparation training programme has been a great value for working with new friends. I have met some great and unique volunteers during the period who I have kept in touch with. The staff team are an awesome group of people that are transparent and helpful to volunteers. I felt privileged to be of help to a family, knowing that they look forward to my support each time they need it. It is very rewarding feeling to be able to help and support another person.”

Ms Eden Rose

Our Gallery

Youth Empowering Youth.


Outreach To Child Care

Exposing kids to the magic of books and the joy of reading.
Join us for #GivingTuesday.


Upcoming Events

Explore ways to help improve the lives and Skills of people throughout Uganda and the world.


Outreach To Child Care

9:00 am - 5:00 pm Matugga , Uganda

Outreach to Child Care supports opportunities for children to be exposed to the magic of books and the joy of reading.
Many children in our community live in homes where there are no books. You know that reading to children is essential - but how can you help make that happen in our community?

our Partners

Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.