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Youth Skilling Organization Uganda is a charity organization working to build a prosperous and violence free young population. It was found directly to benefit and develop each child’s full potential through transforming Education, community development, vocational skills and managing natural resources sustainably. We are working to transform the rural Uganda by educating the less privileged children and investing in a wide range of community development programs to ensure lasting change.

Who we are

Youth Skilling Organization Uganda is a non-profit organization, founded directly to benefit and develop each child’s full potential, transforming agriculture and managing natural resources sustainably.
we are working to transform the rural Uganda by educating the less privileged children, investing in developing agricultural expertise using climate start ways, boosting farmer’s businesses through linking them to markets.

how we work

We work with different types of farmers with varying social backgrounds but with similar challenges including, inadequate farm inputs, poor links to markets,lack of technology and finance to enable the youth acquire skills.
We ensure that young farmers acquire the best out of agribusiness believing that effective farming techniques are the key to uplift agricultural production in Uganda.

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Youth Skilling Org

We ensure that young farmers acquire the best out of agribusiness believing that effective farming techniques are the key to uplift agricultural production in Uganda.

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Support from diverse donors and institutions allows us to expand and deepen our work with children and families more.
Donors friendship and encouragement also elevates, Youth Skilling Organization Uganda further in the circles of impact for children, families and communities increasing their well being. We are delighted to have your support, please spread the news further.

Our News

  • 2018-04-28

    The implementation year 2018/2019 marks yet another milestone for programs as we report the tremendous progress made in Educating young people and supporting community development project, care and support through investment in quite a number of charities but most importantly charities that really make a life times difference.
    The first quarter of this implementation year under review marked the signing of the signing a partnership agreement with the World Youth Organization in The United Kingdom.
    International Educational Aid programme signed Youth Skilling Organization Uganda as it's first programme partner. Lauren Duffy, International Relations Director at WYO said,
    "Partnering with Youth Skilling Organization Uganda offers fantastic opportunities for the World Youth Organization and we are incredibly excited to start this journey with them. International Educational Aid will now officially get to work in delivering vital educational materials including books, pens and pencils to this wonderful organisation in Uganda".
    "We hope our collaboration with World Youth Organization will raise much-needed, literacy through our education scheme which is skills oriented involving capacity building among young people, but also engage with new audiences, provide opportunities to inspire people to support the World Youth Organization in the long term, and helping them deliver lasting change. We want to build an on-going partnership with World Youth Organization which continues to deliver tangible benefits to communities across the world".
    "This is a time we must join up and get connected. People living in poverty could do so much better if only someone gave them the tools, practicality, training, information and basic formal education". Serunyiigo Lameck, Communications and Advocacy Officer of YSOU said.
    CEO from the World Youth Organization, Kieran Goodwin says, "This partnership is such an important step not only for the International Educational Aid program but an important step for Youth Skilling Organization Uganda. They rely on charity's like us to help them bring about change, improve education and young people's lives. I think it is important to note that, however much we love supporting our external partners, governments must recognise their responsibility. More funding must be pumped into failing education systems in remote locations within developing countries. Rural regions within Uganda and countries a like are suffering hard whereby children are just not getting the education they deserve, simply due to the lack of resources. Despite everything, of course - the World Youth Organization looks forward to working with Youth Skilling Organization Uganda."
    To know more about the World Youth Organization and it's programs visit www.worldyo.org this where you can donate to support the youth all over the world, be sure that your donation will not solve an immediate problem but it will deliver lasting change into young people's lives now and years to come.

  • 2018-08-17

    As a global giving movement that has been built by individuals, families, organizations, businesses, communities and countries around the world. This year 2018, Giving Tuesday falls on November 28th.
    Giving Tuesday harnesses the collective power of a unique blend of partners to transform how people think about, talk about, and participate in the giving season. It inspires people to take collective action to improve their communities, give back in better, smarter ways to the charities and causes they believe in, and help create a better world. Giving Tuesday demonstrates how every act of generosity counts, and that they mean even more when we give together.
    Youth Skilling Organization Uganda has joined Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving that harnesses the collective power of individuals, communities and organizations to encourage to celebrate generosity worldwide!
    More than 2,000 Kilograms of Learning materials, farm equipments and others supplies are need to be supplied out for each partner school and a our young farmers groups. YSOU has joined the Giving Tuesday movement for the second year because we believe the global movement is very powerful. We believe that sharing our talents with others is the most fulfilling way to use them.
    The movement allows us to share our story with others and encourage the spirit of giving to grow greater than ever before. This Giving Tuesday, our goal is to fund learning materials like books, pens, shoes, clothes for Kingdom Junior School Kigoggwa and computers for our sponsored IT students in secondary schools for our 'Teaching and education' program.
    Wasswa Samuel the Chief Operations Manager at Youth Skilling Organization Uganda says;

    'We want to transform lives in under-served communities!, and this Giving Tuesday movement will allow us to share this goal beyond our immediate borders and encourage others to join our mission. Giving Tuesday, we are encouraged by the early response from partner's eager to continue making an impact in this global conversation'
    This will cost $3,000 one of the largest expenses we have for each program. Being a part of the Giving Tuesday community also provides the opportunity to share the Youth Skilling Organization Uganda's story with a wider audience to gain followers while at the same time generating support for our upcoming youth and community development programs to Uganda where we will continue replacing joints to change the lives not only for the youth, but for their families and communities as well.
    "Youth Skilling Organization Uganda has continued to receive financial, material and technical support from international and local sources. During this implementation year under review, many of YSOU's financial resources consisted of international donations from individuals and institutions in the USA and UK. Thanks go to our past international volunteers and our partner the WORLD YOUTH ORGANIZATION for their continued commitment regarding international fundraising for YSOU. It's from this background that we kindly count on your engagement support this GIVING TUESDAY!"
    Said Serunyiigo Lameck the Communications and Advocacy Director of the Youth Skilling Organization Uganda.

  • 2018-08-25

    Here at Youth Skilling Organization Uganda, a charity dedicated to empowering Ugandan young people through various programs and small scale farmers grow their incomes while managing the natural resources sustainably, we strongly believe that Uganda is the same. So many critics of aid harbor and project perceptions of Uganda that show sources of uncertainty like conflict, political unrest, climate variability and fluctuating markets. These are often the very people who believe that aid doesn't work!
    It's true that agriculture, investment, and protection of vital natural resources in many parts of Uganda can sometimes be complex - and unpredictable. But after 5 years of working in several parts of Uganda, with rural communities and youth in critical locations, we are confident that we have found many elements of the winning strategy for transforming lives.
    We know how to combine both traditional and modern approaches to build farmers' knowledge and capabilities. Having under gone intensive training in commercial beans, Irish potato growing and harvesting techniques via our demonstration farms and various training sessions, the yields of bean and Irish potato farmers we worked with in Busuuju sub-county of Mityana district multiplied over a period of three years and their incomes rose to 90% generally.
    Knowing that empowering women can really bring about prosperity. Our campaign in the Mpigi District Kalagala village where we gave livestock to women, helped them access credit through Village Savings and Loans Associations, we also raised awareness of women's legal rights, led to increases in both women's abilities to generate income and savings, and their decision making powers.
    More importantly, we're learning more and more about how we can help small agribusinesses to overcome some key market challenges and unlock exciting opportunities, bringing more markets to farmers.
    It's not very hard. Our first annual progress report, which includes detailed case studies on various ventures, outlines how YSOU's investment in sustainable agricultural development is harvesting dividends for rural communities. That's proof that aid really works.
    We at Youth Skilling Organization Uganda believe that eventually Uganda can evolve from aid, and this is the right kind of investment that can really unlock its true initiative. We are committed to projecting an image of Uganda that is positive, progressive, and has the capacity for transformational change and we hope that our new impact report goes some way to dispelling the myths of 'hanger and poverty being someone else's problem'.
    With the right kind of support, attention to protection of the natural resources, and investment that can really reach out and touch people's lives for the better, we are confident that the UN's Sustainable Development Goals can be delivered in some of the most critical locations Uganda.

  • 2018-11-20

    The volunteers and sponsor funding is enabling YSOU to work with Ugandan rural women to set up sustainable, small-scale chicken-rearing enterprises that improve nutrition amongst women and children and lift families out of poverty.

    In all rural communities, chickens are often managed by women, and chicken and eggs is a rich source of protein and nutrients. Yet, women are over-represented amongst those suffering from malnutrition. Rural women's low social and economic status, coupled with poor knowledge about nutrition, often impedes women from translating improved poultry production into the consumption of nutritious foods.

    First, chickens are relatively cheap to maintain. Some breeds can live off what they eat off the ground, he explains, although augmenting that is probably a good idea. As for shelter, hens need just a rudimentary structure to protect their nests and eggs. Farmers who start with 10 hens and one rooster to fertilize them can end up with an average of 80 chicks within approximately one month considering the gestation period of hens. In Uganda, those chicks can sell for an average of $5 each after five months. Thus, farmers could earn as much as $400 per half a year, or even up to $1,000 per year, in income. That's not much, but it's a step up from the extreme poverty line of $600 a year, minus the minimum operational costs of the poultry that include feeds and vet services.

    Youth Skilling Organization Uganda's Livestock for livelihoods project will establish 50 local Women's Livestock Groups, through which we will provide training in poultry rearing poultry feeds mixed, rationing and management to 1000 women in Uganda. A poultry scheme will be set up, which requires each woman to receive 10 hens and one rooster from Youth Skilling Organization Uganda. Village Saving and Loan Associations will be established, where women will unite to save and make funds available to invest in each other's businesses. These interventions will be combined with training in poultry breeding, fattening and production of eggs and chicken for sell so that women can grow their fledgling businesses into profitable enterprises. Through a blend of targeted communication activities, this project will look to inspire, educate and empower 1000 women to consume more eggs and improve their families' diets.

    " Raising chickens is probably the easiest and cheapest way to make money as well as to assure a food supply if you have a low income and have access to land. By strengthening womens economic and social position and improving their knowledge of nutrition, it will help address malnutrition amongst pastoralist women and children" Serunyiigo Lameck Youth Skilling Organization Uganda's CEO said.

    A lack of veterinary and quality feeds services is limiting poultry production. Youth Skilling Organization Uganda will strengthen the business capacity of local vets and community animal healthcare workers so that existing businesses can expand their operations and new businesses can provide vital services to local livestock keepers.



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