Healthcare & Medical

#SharingknowledgeAndGaining an exposure to medical environments

Are you pursuing a career in the medical field or a qualified medical professional with a passion for a sharing knowledge and gaining an exposure to medical environments in Uganda?

Youth Skilling Organization Uganda's Medical Internship programs work to place suitable applicants in a variety of medical settings, including public and private hospitals, clinics and community outreaches in under-resourced locations around the Uganda.
Youth Skilling Organization Uganda's Medical Internships cater to a broad spectrum of volunteers; from those just starting out on a pre-med track, currently studying medicine or qualified professionals.

Placements are tailored to each volunteer's skill and experience levels and are available in a range of areas including, but not limited to:
nursing, mid-wifely and pediatrics, optometry, otorhinolaryngology, physiotherapy, dentistry, surgical and emergency departments. Volunteers can also be involved with health awareness and education programs aimed at prevention and improved quality of life style.
Our Medical Internships pair volunteers with local professionals to facilitate shared learning, assistance in a supervised setting and exposure to divergent medical practices. These programs provide medical volunteers with an unparalleled opportunity to be involved in medical advancements in Uganda; something that is mutually beneficial to all involved

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