Teaching and Education

#Education should be available to all

We believe that education should be available to all and is directly linked to improved standards of living.

YSOU Teaching and Education programs aim to supplement educational provision in areas of the Uganda where resources are constrained. Volunteers work alongside local teachers to provide instrumental assistance in core subjects as well as co-curricular activities such as sport, music, art, mental health, personal health and practical skills.
Teaching is a powerful medium for empowering young people and improving career prospects through enhanced awareness, motivation, vocational skills and general well-being. Local teachers value international volunteers not only for their practical help but also the sharing of knowledge and experiences that results in improved perspectives on both parties.

YSOU Volunteers are not required to be qualified teachers as each individual has something to offer in the broad range of topic areas that knowledge and skills can be imparted. In many of the locations in which we work, English language provides the key to a vast array of paid employment options.
Other experiences and skills that international volunteers may take for granted are received with thanks and appreciation on our projects and volunteers are often amazed by student’s willingness and passion for learning.

The Program We Do?

  1. Teaching and Education.
  2. Childcare And Development.
  3. Vocational skills.
  4. Youth Empowerment.
  5. Healthcare & Medical.
  6. Sport & Cultural Exchange.
  7. Construction.

$18,500 Raised of $25,000 Goal


Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.