Youth Empowerment

#EmpoweringYouth as an essential part

Do you see empowering Youth as an essential part of lifting impoverished communities out of the cycle of poverty?

And it is at the heart of our Youth Empowerment programs. Volunteers play an integral role in providing assistance from the most basic level up to business expertise and imparting specific skill sets.

A volunteers' role is incredibly diverse on these programs, might include educating communities on gender equality, helping with childcare, improving hygiene practices, teaching practical skills, working with local agribusiness ventures and teaching English to open up career paths.
Just the simple act of spending time in these locations is a motivating and empowering influence that cannot be underestimated. Join us on a Youth Empowerment program and be part of the movement towards improved quality of life for all.

The Program We Do?

  1. Teaching and Education.
  2. Childcare And Development.
  3. Vocational skills.
  4. Youth Empowerment.
  5. Healthcare & Medical.
  6. Sport & Cultural Exchange.
  7. Construction.

$18,500 Raised of $25,000 Goal


Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.