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Youth Skilling Organization Uganda is a charity organization working to build a prosperous and violence free young population. It was found directly to benefit and develop each child’s full potential through transforming Education, community development, vocational skills and managing natural resources sustainably. We are working to transform the rural Uganda by educating the less privileged children and investing in a wide range of community development programs to ensure lasting change. Our main core is to shift policies and remove structural barriers to make it possible for next generation of young people to succeed.
We work strongly to build a prosperous young generation, support young people build their incomes through our programs, sustaining natural resources, partnering with government and private sector to find effective ways of eradicating poverty.


our Mission

To reduce poverty permanently, advocate for children rights and engaging the youth community to ensure success.

Our Vision

A prosperous young population.

We Help Many People

Want to Become a Volunteer

Get involved in one of our safe, fun and affordable programs, projects by applying and be part of something great!


Why Choose Us

Youth without jobs and jobs without youth to do them are many but the challenge is one, skill gap !
Yet we believe that all youth are capable of gainful employment, but many of the youth living in poverty lack the required skills and opportunities. Therefore we added vocational skills to the education programs.

Core Values

Our Volunteers Says

Our main core is to shift policies and remove structural barriers to make it possible for next generation of young people to succeed.

I had conversation with Youth Skilling organization Uganda’s Communications & Advocacy Director and it was great, very informative. I met some lovely people on the course and the staff are very supporting. It is a very rewarding experience and I love giving back to those who require some support with their family especially the children.

Mr Randy Ariey

Volunteering was initially started as a church placement. I stayed because I enjoyed spending time work with families. It’s amazing how a couple of hours a week can make someone’s day, or week! This has given me a greater insight into the needs of families with young children. It has given me community experience too.

Ms. Nakirabiira Phionah

Volunteering for Youth Skilling Organization Uganda is very rewarding.
Meeting different people from all walks of life; helping families on a temporary basis to give them a boost; giving something to a community. I would thoroughly recommend becoming a volunteer.

Ms. Marty Brown

My volunteering role with Youth Skilling Organization Uganda started as a volunteer placement in my programs, in order to gain working experiences with vulnerable people with the rural communities. YSOU preparation training programme has been a great value for working with new friends. I have met some great and unique volunteers during the period who I have kept in touch with. The staff team are an awesome group of people that are transparent and helpful to volunteers. I felt privileged to be of help to a family, knowing that they look forward to my support each time they need it. It is very rewarding feeling to be able to help and support another person.”

Ms Eden Rose

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Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.