About Us

Our main core is to shift policies and remove structural barriers to make it possible for next generation of young people to succeed.

We work strongly to build a prosperous young generation, support young people build their incomes through our programs, sustaining natural resources, partnering with government and private sector to find effective ways of eradicating poverty.
We at Youth Skilling Organization Uganda are stricken by persistent violence against children, our role as a youth advocacy organization is to protect, safeguard and advocate for children rights.

The Youth Skilling Organization Uganda commits to giving voice to young people and being a partner for change, through creating close partnerships, we nurture each child's development in a circle of security where families feel comfortable, respected, supported and connected as we regularly share information about child development.

why Choose Us

Youth without jobs and jobs without youth to do them are many but the challenge is one, skill gap! Yet we believe that all youth are capable of gainful employment, but many of the youth living in poverty lack the required skills and opportunities. Therefore we added vocational skills to the education programs.

our Mission

To reduce poverty permanently, advocate for children rights and engaging the youth community to ensure success.

Our Vision

A prosperous young population.

Child Safe Guarding Policy Of Youth Skilling Organization Uganda.

All children have equal rights to protection and to have their well-being and participation Promoted.

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