About us

Youth Skilling Organization Uganda is a charity organization working to build a prosperous and violence free young population. We at Youth Skilling Organization Uganda are stricken by persistent violence against children, our role as a youth advocacy organization is to protect, safeguard and advocate for children rights.
The Youth Skilling Organization Uganda commits to giving voice to young people and being a partner for change, through creating close partnerships, we nurture each child's development in a circle of security where families feel comfortable, respected, supported and connected as we regularly share information about child development.

why Choose Us

Our main core is to shift policies and remove structural barriers to make it possible for next generation of young people to succeed.
We work strongly to build a prosperous young generation, support young people build their incomes through our programs, sustaining natural resources, partnering with government and private sector to find effective ways of eradicating poverty.
Youth without jobs and jobs without youth to do them are many but the challenge is one, skill gap! Yet we believe that all youth are capable of gainful employment, but many of the youth living in poverty lack the required skills and opportunities. Therefore we added vocational skills to the education programs

Core values

All children must be respected and heard in all matters concerning their lives.
Removing barriers to make it possible for the next generation of young farmers succeed.
Ensuring effective technologies are widely accessed, sharing knowledge with others and reaching more youth
Delivering insightful evidence, based on solutions and being experts in our areas of jurisdiction.
Flexible work and taking advantage of effective solutions from private, civil sector or government.

Empower youths today


Youth Skilling Org

We ensure that young farmers acquire the best out of agribusiness believing that effective farming techniques are the key to uplift agricultural production in Uganda.

Donate Now to Support

Support from diverse donors and institutions allows us to expand and deepen our work with children and families more.
Donors friendship and encouragement also elevates, Youth Skilling Organization Uganda further in the circles of impact for children, families and communities increasing their well being. We are delighted to have your support, please spread the news further.

The young farmer agenda


Having realized that the critical development issues such as unemployment and incomplete education that face the vulnerable population have severe consequences; including insufficient income, poor health plus all factors that prolong the cycle of poverty.
As Youth Skilling Organization Uganda we mean business, in putting world class expertise into the hands of young farmers making them climate-smart, competitive and productive. Fortunately, many young farmers are turning up to start new farming businesses, these young farmers are entrepreneurial and tough, but the challenge is for them to find that talent and hard work alone may not equate to success. Since there are many structural barriers standing in their way and must be removed, an opportunity we cannot miss.
A growing number of stakeholders and educators are united around the idea that students need 21st century skills to be successful today. However, we live in times that are so revolutionary that students demand new and different abilities, but in fact the skills they need in the 21st century are actually not new.
YSOU is focused on supporting Uganda's next generation of young people, we use the term ‘young' to attract the attention of policy makers. Because when youth stand to fight for policies that support them they register success. Whether you are actually young or young at heart, Youth Skilling Organization Uganda is good for you.