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I believe that as citizens in the West, we have a duty to help people in other parts of the world. This generation is faced with both responsibilities and opportunities. Of course, no individual can solve huge problems alone, but if everyone carries out their role as global citizens, we will be well on our way. As Edmund Burke once said: "Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little."

As a person who loves humanity and wishes to help it's upliftings, I was so pleased to discover and offer my support to Youth Skilling Organization Uganda. This organization defends, maintains, and strengthens the foundational elements of a healthy community.

The rights of children and young people are championed here not only through a school education and health and hygiene support, but through proper stewardship of the land that a community may thrive on. I love how this organization joins formal education, sustainable agricultural practices, and the development of worthwhile business practices to create meaningful experiences for youth in rural Uganda. With Youth Skilling Organization Uganda, our money can go a long way in marginalised communities - just $50 can help to lift a family out of poverty.

Another reason why this is so worthwhile is that, it's a known solution to poverty - you don't need to spend millions on research. It's about putting these solutions into action. I hope that we will have been able to support many young people and their families to sustain themselves in the future, and that we can contribute towards achieving the second Sustainable Development Goal of eradicating global hunger by 2030.

As an educator with a Montessori background, I do not think there is anything more important for building vibrant and healthy communities.

The staff that I have had the pleasure of meeting are truly dedicated to their work, they have such an exceptional amount of integrity, kindness, love, and good-will that I wish I could work with them more closely. I have been offering whatever support I can from quite a distance, and with limited resources, but they have been so gracious in encouraging me to help in even the smallest of ways. It has been fulfilling on a personal level to build trust and friendships with some of the staff, and to see photos of the students smiling, eating lunch, enjoying one another.

I can tell they love their teacher very much! I also enjoy traveling when I can and am looking forward to meeting people that I now consider to be more than just colleagues but also friends. I'll also enjoy to take advantage of having trusted contacts in a country I have always wanted to visit!

I kindly encourage you to reach-out and get involved with Youth Skilling Organization Uganda in any way you can, there are endless ways to support this amazing organization even remotely. It simply takes a little creativity to make something happen, and it could even be a valuable learning opportunity for young people abroad to connect with one another. Get your children or students involved too!

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