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"Historically, my fundraising efforts would at best be described as putting a few quid in a tin when walking down the high street of our local town. However, on three occasions in the last 5 years I have attempted to raise more significant sums of money for charities close to my heart.
To provide some much needed motivation I decided to try and raise some money to help the young people at the Youth Skilling Skilling Organization Uganda. The charity choice was not an accident: it was an organisation I have been associated with on a couple of occasions in the past and some good friends of mine have seen their work at first. I was keen to help a charity where I could see my money would not be used to simply fix an immediate problem but to provide long-term sustainable solutions to communities that can then go on and thrive by their own initiative.
I have been particularly taken by Youth Skilling Organization Uganda's Growing project, which provides support to young people in Uganda so they themselves can develop into successful entrepreneurs, responsible citizens who are in charge of their own future and help initiate, support and sustain a vibrant rural economy that will benefit many people for decades to come.
I wouldn't pretend it is easy to raise money and I don't necessarily enjoy asking people for money but Youth Skilling Organization Uganda's work makes the conversation much easier, as those you are asking for money from can see how their small donation can unlock huge long-term potential. Youth Skilling Organization Uganda received a substantial donation from our previous profit at Mukwaframe Limited, which I take great pride in playing a small part in their development programs.
Youth Skilling Organization Uganda is aiming to raise £2,000 for its Growing Futures appeal: enough to give 50 groups of young farmers high-quality seeds and agricultural training they need to change their lives not just one harvest but every harvest." I hope you will you join me in supporting Youth Skilling Organization Uganda! A gift of just £6 could provide a young couple with a training session, equipping them with the essential agricultural and business skills they need to make a profit not just once, but also years to come."
We are delighted that our community outreach program expanded to benefit 120 more young people. In addition to programmatic outputs, we also continued with our international volunteer placement program; This is aimed at improving and increasing YSOU'S human resource capacity to better serve the community.

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