As a team of trained and skilled staff we support:

Independent family farms

Farming must remain a desirable and profitable career and livelihood. The healthiest future for food and farming in Uganda must be achieved through the continued support for independent family farms that own and operate their own land and businesses.
An interdependent network of family farms is the key to maintaining a resilient farm sector and healthy rural communities.

Friendship among all farmers

There are very few established farmers in our country,and as such,each one contributes to feeding our nation and upholding farming traditions.
Young farmers must embrace and collaborate with elder farmers,therefore we regent divisiveness between farmers for land,skills and region-based knowledge to be transferred to the next generation.


Through providing support, training in effective farming method, we help build more profitable farming businesses for the whole communities to lift themselves out of poverty. Through bringing in the smart crops, drought-busting and marketing skills that make tough farming viable, sustainable and profitable.
We ensure that our farmers adapt to what buyers demand, help them build co-operatives so as to sell in bulk.

Training and farm viability

Agriculture is a knowledge-intensive and experience driven occupation that can take an individual a life time to master. Many young people and aspiring farmers are first generation farmers, this means that they originate from non-farming backgrounds and may not have got the opportunity to acquire vital farming techniques.
It’s from that background that our team of experts provides training to young farmer’s financial management skill, production skills and marketing skills.

Livestock and crops

Animals and crops generally are the youth and families' most valuable possessions, and YSOU helps with modern farming knowledge.
We also focus on transforming agriculture, helping farmers increase their harvest and finally sell produce to thriving markets.

Supporting farmers of every gender and race

We strongly support inclusiveness in the farming profession, and believe that diversity among farmers is critical to maintaining a strong and vibrant agricultural sector to sustain a diversity of consumers.

Farmer to farmer training

We support apprenticeship model of farmer’s education and believe that mentorships and alternative farmer to farmer learning opportunities should be made available to young farmers.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation of agricultural processes can create a stronger foundation for rural sourcing. This information can bring affordable, sustainable agricultural production by facilitating smart, traceable solutions throughout operations from farm to fork.



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